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PhD, associate professor V. V. Meleshko

Vladislav V. Meleshko

PhD, Associate Professor.

Has graduated from the Kiev Polytechnic Institute, Department of gyroscopic instruments and devices in 1967. Working at the department since 1970. The total number of works - 120, including:

  • Scientific publications - 75
  • Patents - 22
  • Methodological publications - 23

Teaches subjects: Theory and Design of devices and systems;
                                       Navigation systems.

Direction of scientific work: development and correction of inertial and heading systems;
                                                       biomechanics of human.

Contacts:  phone +(38 044) 454-95-41,
                        web-site:  http://sites.google.com/site/meleshkovv/,
                        E-mail: mvv44@mail.ru.




Key scientific papers:

  1. Inertial navigation systems. Start alignment - K.: "Korniychuk, 1999. - 126 p.           
  2. Meleshko V.V. Gyro-compassing biaxial stabilizer nonvertical axis stabilization.Proceedings of the universities of the USSR, instrument, № 1, 1988, p.38-42   
  3. Meleshko V.V., Stepanov V.A. The possibility of using strapdown attitude control system to stabilize the pattern of the Security Council. "The mechanics of gyroscopic systems", K., "Highest School, 1985
  4. Meleshko V.V. On the method of determining the coefficients of the deviation of aircraft magnetic compasses> Journal of KPI, a series of instrument, № 21, 1991, p.23-28      
  5. Meleshko V.V.  Determination of the coefficients of magnetic compass deviation on a bend. Proceedings of the universities of the USSR, instrument, № 4, 1989, p. 38-42       
  6. Meleshko V.V., Tarnavsky S.V., Skobitsky Y.A. Analytical alignment of biaxial gyrostabilizers with nonvertical axis stabilization. Herald KPI, series Instrumentation, № 21, 1991, p.18-23  
  7. Meleshko V.V., Odintsov A.A. Main interconnecting circuits giyromagnetsc compasses Herald CPI series, Instrumentation, № 23, 1991, p.89-93    
  8. Meleshko V.V., Gabbasov S.M., Korneichuk V.V., Manokhin V.I., Skudneva O.V. Analytical gyrocompassing the inertial platform. Herald KPI, series Instrumentation, - 2007. - № 35.         
  9. Meleshko V.V., Korneichuk V.V., Skudneva O.V. Herald KPI, series Instrumentation, 2008. №36, p.5-12
  10. Meleshko V.V., Skudneva O.V. Directional gyroscope with integrated - positional horizontal correction on a bend. Herald KPI, series Instrumentation, 2008. № 38, p. 5-12
  11. V. Meleshko, V. Nelepov, A. Kurlovich Exactness estimation of magnetic compass deviation accounting Full text pdf

Basic methodological manuals:

  1. Samotokin B.B., Meleshko V.V., Stepankovsky Y.V. Navigational instruments and systems. - K.: Highest School, 1986. – 343 p. Textbook.
  2. Odintsov A.A., Meleshko V.V., Sharov S.A. Orientation of objects in Earth's magnetic field. - Kiev.: "Korniychuk, 2008. – 152 p..
  3. Meleshko V.V., Nesterenko O.I. Strapdown inertial navigation systems. - Kirovograd.: "Polimedservis, 2011. – 172 p.
  4. Avrutov V.V., Bondar P.M., Meleshko V.V.  Mіkroakselerometrs and there control.- By: Korniychuk, 2008. – 62 p.
  5. Meleshko V.V. The cycle of laboratory works on the course "Navigation systems". www.kafpson.kpi.ua



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