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Projects of students of the department and own developments



The main properties of the gyroscope



SolidWorks Licensed and International Certificates

The Department of PSON has received a license to use SolidWorks, and students, after passing the training, are able to obtain international certificates !!!

Licenses are provided by our sponsor Intersed Ukraine



The defense of the candidate's thesis !!!



Results and student attestation

І course (PG-71)        І course (PG-7p)       ІІ course (PG-61)       ІІ course (PG-61p)       ІІІ course (PG-51)       IV course (PG-41)         V course (PG-71s, m)      



Examinations for entering the magistracy

Results of entrance examinations by specialization <<get acquainted>>

Results of entrance examinations in a foreign language <<get acquainted>>


01.07.2017.Schedule of consultations for admission to the V course in the magistracy



The defense of the candidate's thesis !!!



Schedule for spring semester

The Chair of Instruments and Systems of Orientation and Navigation congratulates all students and teachers, and offers to get acquainted with the schedule of classes for the spring semester. <<schedule>>



A note about international science and technology conferences in China

At the end of October 2016, in Beijing, the capital of the People's Republic of China, 2nd International Scientific and Technical Conference on Precision Opto-Mechatronics Technology - The 2nd International Symposium on Precision Opto-Mechatronics Technology (SPOMT 2016), in whose work participated the associate professor of the Department of PSON, Ph.D. Avrutov V.V.
More about the conference   Conference program №1   Conference program №2  



Results of the student's II attestation

І course (PG-61)   І course (PG-61п)   ІІ course (PG-51)   ІІІ course (PG-41)   IV course (PG-31, PG-32)     V course (PG-61s,m)  



Anniversary of the department

The Department of Instruments and Systems of Orientation and Navigation celebrates the anniversary. We are 55 years old !!! The event will be held on November 18, 2016 in an audience of 283 1 corps. Beginning at 15.00



Results and student attestation

І course (PG-61)   І course (PG-61п)   ІІ course (PG-51)   ІІІ course (PG-41)   IV course (PG-31, PG-32)     V course (PG-61s,m)  



Результати вступного екзамену з іноземної мови на ОПП Магістр і Спеціаліст



Результати вступного іспиту за фахом на ОПП Магістр і Спеціаліст



Results of additional entrance examination for entering the 5th year



Bondar Pavel Mikhailovich left his life



Open Door Open Door Schedule

We are reminded of the scheduled DAYS OF OPEN DOORS NTUU "KPI".

University open-air days will be held on the following schedule:

  • 03.04.2016р. (Sunday) - departure to the city. Ukrainka, meeting with schoolchildren of the city and the Obukhov district.
  • 12.04.2016 (Tuesday) - Center of Culture and Arts (CCM) NTUU "KPI"
  • 23.04.2016 (Saturday) - Faculty Open Door Days (Optional).

We also recall the opening days of the cathedral, which are held in accordance with the approved schedule:

  • 17.04.2016 - NAEPS Department
  • 23.04.2016 - Department of PSON
  • May 12, 2016 - Department of PSN
  • May 21, 2016 - Department of OP


Congratulations to our teachers !!!



Information for entering the V-course of the OCR Master and Specialist

Entrance examinations in specialty and foreign language will be held in accordance with the schedule Foreign Language   Specialty

Acceptance of documents for admission to OCR Master and Specialist will be held in the coming days Check out


Additional exams for admission to the Masters and Specialist will be held in July and August in accordance with graph


Integrated exam programs can be downloaded from the link


The program of additional entrance examsDownload





Results of the II student attestation

Іcourse                          II course                          III course                         V Specialists                      V-course masters  





Information for graduates


Order # 1-250. On measures to ensure the timely delivery of an application for a diploma in higher education of the European standard (DIPLOMA SUPPLEMENT) Download.





Master's and Specialist's training in OCR training programs


Integrated Professional Ranking Download .


Integrated Professional Ranking Download.





Master Degree and Specialist Training Programs


Program of the comprehensive examination of disciplines: "Fundamentals of the Theory of Sensitive Elements", "Converting Devices", "Measuring Transducers, Instruments and Systems", "Theory of Automatic Control" when getting to study at the OCR Master 8.05100303 and Specialist 7.05100303 in specialty
"Instruments and systems of orientation and navigation":                  download.





Results of the first attestation:                                          Download .




The program of entrance examinations for postgraduate studies in specialty 05.11.03 - "Gyroscopes and navigation systems":                                          Download .