Information for ABITURIENTS

       According to the rulesjoining the KPI Igor Sikorsky in 2018 to enter the educational level "Bachelor" on the specialty 151 - "Automation and computer-integrated technologies", the entrant must provide 3 certificates of external testing: from Mathematics, Physics (or Foreign language) and the Ukrainian language

Specialty and specialization for entering the educational level "Bachelor" competitive items Weight factor Minimum score

Specialty 151 - Automation and computer-integrated technologies

Specialization - Computer-integrated technologies and systems of navigation and control

Ukrainian language 0,2 100
Math 0,5 100 provided that the second is not less than 125
Physics or Foreign Language 0,2

Weighted average score of the certificate- 0,05;

Weight factor of additional points of FDP- 0,05;

Additional score for the Olympiad, MAN- 10;

Maximum contest score - 200.

       Attention! In 2018, to join the KPI Igor Sikorsky's certificates of the following years are accepted: Ukrainian language, Mathematics and Physics - 2016-2018, Foreign language only 2018

      The Department of Instruments and Systems of Orientation and Navigation, at the numerous requests, within the framework of the circle of physics, conducts free courses for the preparation of external studies in physics, see hereКружок по физике

      If you have a junior specialist diploma, then there is no need for an EIA certificate! Enrollment is based on the results of entrance exams.     

      In connection with possible changes in the Rules of admission to the KPI them. Igor Sikorsky, keep up-to-date on the site of the admissions committeeПриймальна комісія